Solitaire Consulting Limited is an independent management consultancy.  We are based in Jersey in the Channel Islands but have global reach in terms of our client base and partners. Our mission is to help you achieve your strategic objectives more efficiently and effectively.

Managing Change

Your success is no longer measured simply by your ability to change.
We will help you to change faster than your competitors to proactively meet your customers’ demands.





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Managing Projects

Project & Programme Management is a vital part of managing change.
We will provide well structured, solid frameworks for executing your business strategy, ensuring  different but inter-related activities come together to achieve success.



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Improving processes

In time, people-based businesses end up working sub-optimally. Your processes naturally degrade as you adapt to the changing business environment. We will help you to redesign work flows and processes to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.


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Using technology

Getting the most from your investments in technology will help drive your success.  We will help maximise the benefits of implementing technology and ensure your IT budget is spent wisely.




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Recent Updates

The latest on project management, business improvement & change.

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