Posted on 24/09/2010 · Posted in Change

If you are going to succeed in changing your business you need to have Vision, Passion and Action – if you only have two out of the three you will fail!

I first came across this very simple concept several years ago in a discussion at the Leadership Trust.  Basically it goes along the lines of:

  • Vision – you need to know where you are going
  • Passion – you have to be passionate about your cause
  • Action – you have to do something about it

I know it all sounds pretty obvious but it is amazing the number of organisations that either fail to recognise or implement this.

I am going to generalise to explain how this can be related to different sectors:

For example, in the not-for-profit sector you find people who are passionate about what they do, put in extremely long hours, but are their efforts in the right direction?  Do they have a vision of where their charity is going or its strategy?

In the public sector there are departments that have great vision and book shelves of strategic plans and consultant reports; there are people who have the passion for public service and doing the right thing, but how often to the strategies and plans remain on the shelves with little action to implement?

Finally there are many private sector organisations that have excellent leadership and vision with people who work long hours to achieve their objectives, but are they passionate about achieving long-term value for their clients or shareholders?

These are just examples and whilst in recent times the generalisations per sector are not as valid as they used to be the principle that to succeed you must have Vision, Passion and Action still stands.

I have just been working with a division of a large private sector business that was suffering from too many projects with their limited resources overstretched.  The people doing the work were definitely passionate about completing; they had lots of action, but no vision as to which projects were going to achieve their strategic aims and which ones could be de-prioritised or ‘canned’ completely.

Let me know if you think this is a useful tool to help manage change in your business.