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Business improvement & change management specialists

Solitaire Consulting Limited is an independent management consultancy based in Jersey, Channel Islands. The business was established by Paul Every and has been trading since 2006.

“Paul is one of a rare breed of project managers who actually understands the processes by which organisations change. In addition to this he is a first-rate, no-nonsense project manager and an asset to any organisation or endeavour that actually want to be something different.” Founding Partner, Pentarch LLP

Over a period of time all people-based businesses end up working sub-optimally. Processes will naturally degrade as organisations try to adapt to the ever changing economic environment. How a business plans and reacts to these changes will ultimately define its success in relation to its competitors.

Solitaire Consulting can help your business adapt to change by providing a number of specialist services:

We work closely with our clients. We gain a detailed understanding of their individual requirements, and only then, will we recommend a specific course of action to meet their needs. This approach ensures that our clients gain significant business benefits when working with Solitaire Consulting.

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As an independent practice we are not aligned to specific consultancy models or ways of working, so can offer independent and objective advice.  However, we do recommend specific technology solutions where they meet client requirements.