Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed Jersey, Solitaire Consulting's CSR Initiative

Solitaire Consulting takes its responsibilities to the community very seriously and is supporting:

Mustard Seed (Jersey)

Mustard Seed is a small charity setup in Jersey to help ease suffering in Eastern Europe through the collection and distribution of humanitarian aid and funding various projects.

Solitaire Consulting supports Mustard Seed by collecting, refurbishing and cleansing obsolete and unwanted computer equipment for distribution to needy families and organisations in Romania, Ukraine and Moldova.

Any PC’s donated to Mustard Seed via Solitaire Consulting are inspected and brought back up to working condition or stripped for spares. Any data left on hard drives (yes, people do still donate PCs fully loaded with all their personal data!) will be wiped before leaving our offices. All free space on disks is also wiped using an overwrite method.

Any licensed software is re-installed or the open-source Ubuntu Operating Software and Libre Office systems are installed.

We can also accept PC’s without hard drives if your policy is to physically destroy the data.

In 2013 we have distributed over 100 PCs, laptops, monitors and printers to several charities in the Oradea area of Romania.

Click here to send us an email if you would like to donate any computers or peripherals to this worthwhile cause. Please provide brief details of the equipment you have to donate and contact details so we can arrange collection.