Director & Principal Consultant


Paul EveryPaul Every CEng MBCS CITP MCMI MAPM has over 20 years of experience in project and programme management and change management.  Prior to establishing Solitaire Consulting, he worked for 15 years in local government gaining skills in engineering, information technology and general management.  During this period he led a number of process optimisation and business change projects across a diverse public sector organisation and managed back office transformation projects in HR, Finance and IT.  These skills were then transferred to the private sector, with most of his recent projects being in offshore financial services and related industries.  His successful projects include business transformation and process improvement projects for Trust Companies and Law Firms in addition to document management, system integration and platform migration projects.  Paul is particularly adept at implementing best practice in project and change management and leveraging technology implementations to drive business improvement and people change.  Outside of work Paul enjoys spending time with his family and messing about with technology, but his main passion is sailing and anything to do with the sea.

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Associate Consultants


Robert Toogood

Robert Toogood is an independent project, systems and risk expert who enjoys helping to solve complex data protection and privacy challenges.  His real-world project and risk management experience spans over thirty years, based on a solid and successful systems background.  Since May of last year, he has been investigating various ways in which he can help his clients achieve efficient compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.  His initial research and ongoing activities in this area has exposed him to many different methodologies, tools and techniques which he has been able to evaluate in more detail.  This specialist knowledge, combined with his recent MSc Risk Management (Distinction) achievements and extensive data protection related project management experience, makes him a strong candidate for helping clients with their GDPR implementation challenges.


Robert TrippRobert Tripp is a management consultant who specialises in change through IT, principally in banking. His advice is sought and followed because of significant relevant experience and penetrating analysis exceedingly well communicated, whether in meetings, in the form of presentations or in written documents. Although he is technically very competent he has the gift for explaining technical issues so that they are relevant to business people.  Current areas of specialisation are  around payment systems such as SEPA and the impacts of Regulatory Developments such as Resolution Planning, the Independent Commission on Banking Ring Fencing proposals and European Deposits Guarantee Scheme Directive.


Company Secretary

Paula Every works part-time, behind the scenes, for Solitaire Consulting ensuring that bills are paid, records are kept in order and, most importantly, that Paul is in the right place at the right time!

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