Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management, Solitaire Consulting, Jersey, Channel Islands

Asset Management is the general term given to all processes associated with managing and maintaining physical assets and their interfaces with the overall objectives of the business.

The definition of asset management, taken from the British Standard (PAS-55), is ‘the optimum way of managing assets to achieve a desired and sustainable outcome.’

Solitaire Consulting can help you at any stage of the asset management cycle either with specific interventions or by working with you to develop a total asset management strategy.

One vital part of the overall asset management system which needs to be considered early on is how information will be managed. Solitaire Consulting has experience of many information systems for managing and maintaining assets and can provide specific support and advice in this area.

We believe that asset management needs to be at the heart of organisations that rely on the performance of physical assets to meet their objectives. In this situation it is impossible to ‘buy in’ a solution, but Solitaire Consulting can work with you to produce a bespoke system that is aligned to your particular business.