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Robert Tripp

Associate Consultant

Robert Tripp is a management consultant who specialises in change through IT, principally in banking. His advice is sought and followed because of significant relevant experience and penetrating analysis exceedingly well communicated, whether in meetings, in the form of presentations or in written documents. Although he is technically very competent he has the gift for explaining technical issues so that they are relevant to business people. 

Current areas of specialisation are  around payment systems such as SEPA and the impacts of Regulatory Developments such as Resolution Planning, the Independent Commission on Banking Ring Fencing proposals and European Deposits Guarantee Scheme Directive.

Robert is the owner and driving force behind Tripple Consulting, a boutique management consultancy, providing services to the Financial Services industry, with extensive experience of banking projects. We strongly believe in ‘Making Banking Better’ and this is reflected in the work that we undertake.