New Year, New Projects

List of Dreams, Goals and Actions

Irrespective of when the financial year starts, every New Year most organisations start with an optimistic list of projects and initiatives they want to achieve over the next 12 months. There is usually high enthusiasm and energy to get started because people’s personal objectives, performance measure or even bonus is aligned with the tasks that […]

Change Management Tools: The House of Change

Multicoloured beach houses

This article comes from Solitaire Consulting Associate, Tim Rogers MBA There are lots of models for change management that have developed over many years. Not all will work in all situations so it is essential to have several tools in your toolbox and select the right one for the right situation. The House of Change […]

The impact of the Coronavirus crisis on Meaning and Purpose

Shadow of a person standing on rocks at sunset captioned the impact of coronavirus on meaning and purpose

Written by Tim Rogers, Associate Consultant Solitaire Consulting Ltd We are very often defined by what we do. We do not say he or she does accountancy we say they are an accountant. We even define ourselves by what we do. We would not say I do triathlon, but we might say I am a […]

Case Study: Jersey Royal Consultation Project

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This Case Study describes a project undertaken in 2019 in conjunction with Adapt Consulting Company, working on behalf of Solitaire Consulting. “The autumn 2019 consultation on the Jersey Royal Industry has been a breath of fresh air with broad consultation, good cooperation and significant consensus. We need to keep-up this good work in 2020 and […]