Accelerating Digital Transformation with Laserfiche

For many organisations, accelerating Digital Transformation to meet the demands of clients, staff and shareholders is a clear priority. Leading systems such as Laserfiche are playing a key role. Join MBS and Solitaire Consulting at two events in October to showcase how Laserfiche is helping leading organisations including those in the Channel Islands meet specific […]

Why is your team not more productive?

group of people using laptops

Smarter Not Harder (SNH) have been working with clients to improve productivity and well-being for more than 15 years. They have overwhelming evidence suggesting there are 11 barriers to achieving this. 11 things that might be holding you back. How many of these apply to YOUR employees? Solitaire Consulting has partnered with SNH, introducing their […]

Real Change comes from People not Technology

At Solitaire Consulting our focus is on using technology to enable and drive change. But real change always comes from people, not technology. Technology is just a tool, and without people with the desire to change that tool will be like so many tools I have at home – it will remain in the toolbox […]

Solitaire Consulting partners with Smarter Not Harder

Solitaire Consulting is delighted to announce its partnership with Smarter Not Harder (SNH), the UK based consultancy specialising in helping businesses be more productive. Solitaire will be offering SNH’s SmartWorking programme to clients and project teams they work with. Most organisations acknowledge that their employees work hard but also know that being busy is different […]

The benefits of a virtual PMO

Photo of rock formations with caption the success of a business often depends on its ability to effectively manage and deliver a portfolio of projects

In this article I will describe how a virtual PMO (also referred to as ‘PMO as a Service’, abbreviated to PMOaaS) could benefit your organisation. There can be no doubt that what many organisations thought was impossible a couple years ago has enabled them to continue to operate during the pandemic. I am of course […]

Using Mediation to Resolve Disputes

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Solitaire Consulting has access to trained and experienced mediator, Tim Rogers, Senior Associate Consultant. In this article Tim outlines what mediation is and how it can become and important part of the change management and technology implementation process. We will use a typical example, of a client requirement being misinterpreted by a supplier and leading […]

Change Management Tools: Kotter’s 8 Step Process

Brick steps heading up

Kotter’s 8 Step process for leading change is perhaps the most widely known model for tackling change in an easy step-by-step approach. It is also the tool we use when implementing new technology systems or to support a digital transformation process. I will not go into the model in great detail because there are plenty […]

Are you suffering from Technical Debt?

Picture of messy wiring

In this post I explore the concept of Technology or Technical Debt and how best to manage it, using my experience in the wealth management sector. I’ll also provide Solitaire Consulting’s advice on how to deal with technology debt and how best to minimise it. In its purest form Technical Debt is a concept in software development that […]

Understanding IT Systems Change (Part 4 of 4)

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In this final article in my series on IT systems change,  I will discuss how you can best work with your technology providers to ensure a successful systems implementation. Previous articles in the series can be found by clicking these links: >>> Understanding IT Systems Change Part 1 – Context and initiation <<< >>> Understanding IT Systems Change […]

Understanding IT Systems Change (Part 1 of 4)

People shaking hands at a meeting

In this first of a series of four articles on implementing a new business system I will be discussing the importance of understanding the context of change in the organisation,  and how to go about establishing the right framework to undertake a significant system implementation project. Given that you are already here looking at this blog […]