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Process Automation

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Solitaire Consulting has access to extensive experience in the field of Process Improvement. We can analyse current practices using a variety of techniques, including process mapping, to identify existing processes which would benefit from a review. We will draw up a range of proposals with our client’s input and help in the thought process to ensure the best option is selected. We can then help deliver the solution through our expertise in project and change management. Finally we can help quantify the success of the initiative through improved management information and other key achievements.

Business Process Improvement or BPI is a generic term applied to a variety of methodologies used to improve the effectiveness of an organisation’s internal processes.

Focus of BPI is on “doing things right” rather than “doing the right thing”. BPI attempts to reduce variation and/or wastage in processes, so that the desired outcome can be repeated and achieved with better utilisation of resources.

Reasons to improve processes:

  • Over time and without maintenance, processes will degrade
  • Left to their own devices, teams will always work sub-optimally
  • Customers only really care about process outputs
  • Things can always be done in a better way
  • Inefficiencies generally only show up in process map detail
  • The effort required to correct errors through the process rises exponentially


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We have access to extensive experience in the field of Process Improvement. We can analyse current practices to identify existing processes which benefit from a review.