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An overview of what we do

Solitaire Consulting is a general operational management consultancy developed around the skills and experiences of its founder, Paul Every.

Solitaire Consulting has access to a wide network of other similar minded consultants and non-executive managers and can take on a variety of projects both large and small.

We work closely with our clients in order to gain a detailed understanding of their individual requirements, and only then, will we recommend a specific course of action to meet these needs. This ensures our clients gain significant business benefit from the interventions of Solitaire Consulting.

The ability to manage change successfully is an essential part of modern business

How we can help

Trust &
Corporate Services

We help your business by implementing and using systems from all the major providers including TrustQuay and Viewpoint.

Business Change

We provide your business with well structured,
solid frameworks for executing strategy to achieve success.


We will help you to
redesign and automate work flows
ensure you remain competitive.


A structured framework for implementing business strategies and projects are co-ordinated.


The application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet expectations.


We can help organisations get full benefit from their investments in information technology.

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