When do you Celebrate Project Success?

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One of the technology projects I’m currently managing is nearing ‘go-live’ and I’m working with the client team to complete user acceptance testing and get the inevitable test issues resolved. This project has been a bit of a hard slog and the project team is feeling a bit demoralised and just want to go back to […]

Playing Small Does not Serve the World

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Twice in the past week, I have been reminded of a poem that first appeared in A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson.  It has often been attributed to the late Nelson Mandela in his inaugural speech as president of the Republic of South Africa.  Although this was just another internet myth, many agree that these words […]

How technology can help with employee engagement

In my last post I described The Lamberhurst Employee Engagement Wheel which recognises that the question ‘are your employees engaged?’ is somewhat meaningless unless you also ask ‘engaged with what?’  The wheel identifies 11 facets of the business and poses the key employee engagement question for each one. The segment titled ‘IT – intranet, work […]

Employee Engagement – what’s it all about?

Virtually every management book, magazine or blog is talking about Employee Engagement, but what’s it all about? Is this something new or just a new name for something we have been doing as managers for years? Whilst there appear to be many definitions of EE what we probably all agree on is that it has […]