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How do you create a longing for the sea?

I’ve read a couple of pieces in the last few weeks regarding the importance of employee engagement to change management.  This has reminded me of a slide I used a few years ago when getting staff buy-in to a transformational change programme.

Employee engagement

All too often when engaged in change we focus a lot on the impact of changes on the individuals in the workplace who will be on the receiving end of the new system or processes, and maybe neglect to tell them why the business is changing.

The answer to the title of this post will be different for each situation, so how do you ensure you engage with employees and motivate them to embrace the forthcoming changes?

About Paul Every

About Paul Every

I specialise in 'technology enabled change'; helping clients in offshore financial services and related sectors, obtain greater value from their investments in technology.

My clients choose to work with me because I am a pragmatist; I recommend and deliver solutions that can be easily implemented. You also get what you see - I will define what you need and it will be me who is on site helping you deliver your change.

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