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Claire Boscq

Business Development & Marketing Consultant

With three decades of expertise, Claire Boscq is a renowned authority in the Customer Experience industry. An international best-selling author with four published books, Claire’s insights and strategies have made a significant impact across Brazil, the Philippines, Asia, UAE, the US, and Europe.

As a dynamic professional speaker, Claire has delivered high-energy, fast-paced keynote presentations in both French and English in over 20 countries. Her exceptional contributions to the field have earned her the prestigious Institute of Directors award.

Claire’s innovative BizShui™ method blends the traditional Feng Shui principles with modern business and personal needs, creating a unique approach that energizes businesses towards prosperity. By integrating these principles into innovate marketing strategies and business development initiatives, she helps organisations enhance their brand presence and achieve sustainable growth.

Claire has a unique holistic approach to business, she is dedicated to uniting businesses to drive profitability by elevating customer experience, ultimately inspiring a sustainable economy.

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