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Digital Strategy Consultancy


Transforming Digital Landscapes

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses face the challenge of navigating complexity in systems while addressing critical pain points such as legacy software and infrastructure.  At Solitaire Consulting, we specialise in Digital Strategy consulting, empowering organisations to transcend their current challenges and unlock unparalleled success. 




Your Bridge to Digital Excellence

Understanding Your Landscape: 

Our journey begins with a comprehensive analysis of your current technical architecture.  We delve deep into your operations, identifying pain points that hinder efficiency and growth. 

Key Success Factors: 

Identifying the key success factors unique to your industry and organisation is pivotal. We study industry benchmarks and align your goals with cutting-edge digital strategies. 

Future State Blueprint: 

Through dynamic facilitation workshops, we collaborate with your team to craft a Future State Blueprint. This strategic roadmap becomes the cornerstone of your digital transformation journey. 

Multipronged Roadmap: 

Our approach involves crafting a roadmap comprising diverse projects and programmes. From software delivery to workflow optimisation, process efficiency, and automation – we cover every aspect while prioritising security and cost-effectiveness. 

Tailored for Professional Services: 

While our roots lie in the offshore Professional Services market, our solutions transcend industry boundaries. Whether you’re a professional services institution, or any organisation seeking digital excellence, our expertise is your key to success. 

Virtual CTO (VCTO) Services: 

As the architects of change, our involvement doesn’t end with the blueprint. Solitaire Consulting offers Virtual CTO services, overseeing the seamless execution of the devised strategies. Consider us your digital partners, committed to realising your vision. 


Why Choose Solitaire Consulting? 

  • Proven track record in Digital Strategy consulting. 
  • Tailored solutions for Professional Services and beyond. 
  • Holistic approach covering software delivery, workflow optimisation, and more. 
  • Continued support through our Virtual CTO services. 

Ready to transform your digital future? Partner with Solitaire Consulting – where innovation meets strategy, and success becomes inevitable.