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If it’s worth doing – A case study in how not to choose Teams (via Management by Reflection Blog)

This is a good post and one that I can relate to in my field of Change Management. Managing change is something that a lot of management teams will try to do themselves.

A few of the better ones will realise it has taken them much longer to achieve the benefits than they originally planned and taken a lot more effort; I, and others like me, then stand a chance of being invited to help with the next change.

However, there are still a lot of senior teams who will  do everything themselves and keep failing to deliver transformational change time and time again. This quote is from a CEO I have worked with and sums up the situation very well:

“Our business has gone through some massive changes in the past few of years but I like to do things on the cheap and see things through myself. In some ways this has been a false economy. By juggling too many things at the same time the resultant effect, as you’ve made reference to, is the timeline increases between initiation of the change to realising any benefit.”

If it's worth doing - A case study in how not to choose Teams If you want to service your car, you either go to a mechanic or you buy a Haynes manual, get the right tools, take the day off and proceed carefully.  Just because you can drive a car, you don’t arrogantly believe that you can service it using only a hammer and a printout from an unauthorised website, and get the same result as a professional but at a fraction of the cost. Recently I heard about a senior management team who wanted to fast-track s … Read More

via Management by Reflection Blog

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