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Computers for Romania

With Christmas getting close I am sure many of you are intending to take advantage of the good deals available on PCs, laptops and tablets.  This may mean that the dusty old desktop PC that is taking up space in the spare room needs to go.

If it is still in working order, please do not take it to the dump!  I would love to be able to recondition it (wipe the hard disk, potentially upgrade the memory and reinstall a Ubuntu based operating system and software) and send out to Romania.

Through Mustard Seed Jersey we support several charities in the Cefa area of Romania.  This year we have shipped well over a 100 PCs, laptops, monitors, printers and other peripherals which all go to needy young families in the area.

Many of the orphans supported and educated by our charities are growing up and gaining places at universities.  Education is the main way out of poverty, but to attend any form of higher education, IT skills are essential.  Laptops are particularly sought after and we always have far more demand than we can supply.

Collection can be arranged if necessary so please contact me whether you have 1 old computer or 100!

P.S.  If your PC is more than 10 years old or isn’t capable of running Windows XP then it may be beyond saving.

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