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BPM Power 50: Top Business Process Management Blogs

I’ve learned this week that my blog has been included in the BPM Power 50 as one of the top business process management blogs.  This is a great accolade and one I am very proud of.  I try to ensure that my blog posts, whether they are about change management, process improvement or process management are relevant, pragmatic and easy to follow.  Being included in the top 50 is hopefully testament to this.

The BPM Top 50 is compiled by SupplyChainOpz.  SupplyChainOpz present theories in a whole new way, with the aim to make theories cool and easy to read. They also offer readers with the unbiased information on supply chain management concepts, techniques and case studies that you can readily apply to your work . Here’s what they say about BPM:

Business Process Management (BPM) has become one the most popular best practices in supply chain management for more than 25 years. In this article, we will show you some of the most outstanding resources that will provide you with fresh ideas to improve supply chain process.

In 1989, Graham C. Stevens published one of the most highly cited paper called “Integrating the Supply Chain“. According to the author, every member in the supply chain should act as a single entity so they can respond to customer’s requirement more effectively. In order to achieve this objective, the author suggested that both internal business process and inter-organizational business process be streamlined. Business process is then the nuts and bolts of every supply chain.

Our blog usually covers certain types of business process related topics such as SCOR Model, Value Stream Mapping or Theory of Constraints. However, we realize about the importance of BPM so we conduct a research to find new story ideas.

We’ve found so many great resources about BPM. So we think we should create a list of top business process management blogs (instead of writing about some BPM topics by ourself).

Data Collection
To identify the elite group of BPM bloggers and influencers, we find blogs via Google Blog Search and also follow the sites listed under the blogroll. Then, we make a short list by considering about,

– Overall quality (quality in the case means practicality, new concepts or interesting trends)
– How long each blog has been publishing
– How frequent the articles are published

We do a final check by excluding many corporate blogs that are used mainly as news release platform or new functionality announcement.
– See more at: http://www.supplychainopz.com/2014/06/business-process-management.html#sthash.ysvgyyoi.dpuf

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  1. This article was so useful for me it really interests me to read such articles, thanks for sharing. Blogs like yours it really helps me learn more day by day, Thanks a lot for this. Really makes things clear and simple.

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