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Christmas Greetings from Solitaire Consulting

It has been an active year for Solitaire Consulting and we’ve been lucky to work with some fantastic people. In addition to our core work of helping clients deliver change, our focus this year has been on collaboration and partnerships.  The successful partnerships with MBS Business Solutions and Jobstream Group are delivering value to our clients, based on our continuing ability to innovate and provide market leading technology solutions to the offshore sector.

Looking ahead to next year, working with a group of independent consultants,  I will be launching a new consultancy association, called PragmaticChange.  We will be primarily focused on change, more specifically, on working with clients on change that actually works i.e. pragmatic change.  We strive for a world of people and business empowered by technology, that provides tools to magnify and focus human efforts to create more value. Our belief is that every organisation can be lean and innovative, and we aim to play our part to help them get there.  Continuing this theme of ‘technology enabled change’ I will also start working with another ground breaking technology provider in early 2015, so look out for more information on both these announcements here and on LinkedIn early in the new year.

According to tripit.com, this year I’ve done 29 business trips to 8 countries, covering over 93,000 miles, so it is now time to slow down a bit!  Whilst email and phones will continue to be monitored, responses are likely to be a little slower between now and 5th January.  I will be using this time to plan ahead to ensure, together, we can deliver even more in 2015.  If you have spare time over the holiday period think about how you can grow and develop in the coming year.  You will only be able to do this by changing something. No matter how well you did this year, repeating the same things will, at best, achieve the same results, but more likely will achieve far less! Remember that change is hard because we tend to overestimate the value of what we have, and underestimate the value of what we may gain by giving that up.

Finally, whether you are a customer, a friend or a colleague, thank you very much for your continued support throughout this year.  I would like to wish you and your family a healthy and happy Christmas and a prosperous 2015.


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