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NEWS: Launch of PragmaticChange

I am pleased to announce news of a new venture I have co-founded, called PragmaticChange.

PragmaticChange is a collaboration of independent and established consulting professionals across the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands.  We are currently eight members, but are looking to grow over the coming months.

We believe that by working together to combine our talents and strengths we can help our clients become more successful in their own endeavours.  As individuals we have different strengths and all bring something different to the business, but have a common theme of working in ‘change management’ and being passionate about the impact technology can have on a business.  Our vision is for a world where technology empowers people to greater creativity by harnessing tools to magnify and focus their efforts on the activities that add most value.   We believe that every effective organisation is lean and innovative and we aim to play our part in helping more clients get there.

We are primarily focused on change – specifically on working with clients to make change work for them and embed agility.  According to many research studies in the last few decades more than half of change programmes have not met the objectives they set out to achieve.

We recognize that people are both the greatest single determinant of change success and also the hardest aspect to get right. We have all been line managers in operational roles so we appreciate the human side and also believe that people aspects cannot be the preserve of HR or OD specialists.

We are evidence-driven, using tools and processes that are proven to work without slavishly following dogmatic methodology. We have the experience to tailor our approach to the context of the client situation.

Less is more. We believe that leveraging a small number of highly experienced consultants is more effective than an army of clever, but inexperienced juniors.  We work in partnership with your senior team enabling them to bring about change, rather than do change to, or for you.  The reason is straightforward; without engagement, change is neither sustainable nor contributes to organizational capability.

Technology is about creating opportunities to generate value and should be deployed for the benefit of the people and organization as a whole and not as an objective in itself. Failures arise not because technology is inherently bad, but when it is deployed to solve the wrong problem.

If your business shares our values and ambitions and you have challenges that are preventing you from moving forward then let’s start a conversation to see how we can help.  Contact us know using the form below or by emailing paul.every@pragmaticchange.com.

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