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Tips for Successful Process Improvement

5 Steps to Automation

I’ve recently had the opportunity to speak at a series of workshops with one of my technology partners, MBS Business Solutions.  The subject of the workshops was “How to accelerate your digital transformation”.  My partners at MBS demonstrated the latest integrations of the Laserfiche ECM product suite with electronic forms, workflow and digital signatures.

I provided an interlude to the technology demonstrations to present some tips on starting off a successful process improvement project.  I explained the importance of aligning the project with the organisation’s goals and described my thoughts on the 5 most important aspects of automating business processes.

>>> Click here to download my presentation

It can be difficult to  get the context of the presentation just from the slides, so if you’d like to know more about my thoughts on successful process improvement then please get in contact or leave a comment below.  I’d also be interested to know your experiences with process automation and what has worked in practice at your organisation.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Laserfiche Forms and Workflow can transform your business, please see the full workshop presentation below, or get in contact and I can arrange an introduction with MBS.

>>> MBS Workshop Presentation

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