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NEWS: new associates and new office

New Associates

We now have access to a number of associate consultants who bring a wealth of experience from their different backgrounds. This provides Solitaire Consulting with the opportunity to take on much larger projects or to be more flexible with the work we undertake for our clients. Specific experience that is now available includes:

  • GDPR and cyber security advice / project management
  • System migration analysis
  • Risk management
  • Workflow and process design
  • Project and technical documentation
  • Project review and rescue
  • Digital transformation

This is in addition to our standard service offerings for general project management, change management and business process improvement. We can deliver projects either on a part-time or full-time basis. The former is usually more cost-effective, particularly in smaller businesses where it is harder to justify a consultant for a prolonged period. A typical change project or system implementation is going to take several months irrespective of the size of business, but a full-time project manager is not often required. Employing someone on a part-time flexible basis provides a win-win for both client and consultant. We can commit to fixed price contracts for the duration of the project and have an excellent track record of delivering on time and budget.

Contact me for more information on how we can help your business deliver successful change.

We’ve moved

Solitaire Consulting has moved to new offices above Barannes Health Shop and Juice Bar in Colomberie, St Helier. Our new address is:

First Floor
9 La Colomberie
St Helier

All other contact details remain unchanged.

Perceptive readers will note this is a very small change, just involving crossing the road from No 8!

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