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Introducing 3CEPS: A revolutionary and unique data extraction process

I have recently been introduced to 3CEPS via a client of mine in the Cayman Islands, who are using the software to streamline and automate their business. They have been able to grow their business without taking on new staff by using 3CEPS to automate transaction input for their trust administration and custody business. This is a market I am very familiar with and many trust providers struggle to automate transaction input and record keeping due to the number of diverse data sources they are having to deal with. Plus many smaller, niche investment managers only provide information in pdf or other unstructured formats.

3CEPS is an innovative software development house that has taken the costly, manual process of inputting large amounts of data presented in varying formats and automated it. 3CEPS are data mapping experts. They have written and developed a unique software platform that simplifies the extraction of data from a document, whether a scanned image (i.e. tiff, gif, jpeg), pdf or electronic source (i.e. electronic banking flow).

The software has been developed by scientists, but written for businesses.

3CEPS automates existing manual processes with unmatched speed and accuracy.  3CEPS extracts your data and metadata from any electronically generated source and accurately presents and maps the data in the exact format you require, for ingestion in to your core application.

Source data can be:

  • text based files such as .xml, .html, .rtf, .txt, .xls, .csv or others.
  • or presented as scanned images (from archives or digitally) such as a .pdf, .jpeg, .tiff, .gif or other standard image formats.

Case Study

I’ve been working with Cayman Islands’ based, private bank (Sackville Private Bank & Trust Ltd), implementing a new core administration system. They have used 3CEPS to digest approximately 2,500 transactions per month. A 25 page pdf document, presented in electronic form by their correspondent bank, typically takes 8 working hours to manually enter in to the company’s private banking software. 

3CEPS treated the pdf that the correspondent bank provided and reduced the time to process, create and reconcile the transactions down to 5 minutes. 

“The saving is measured not just in dollar value but in being able to reutilize our staff member in other areas of the bank, making us more efficient, profitable and streamlined”.  


  • 99% guaranteed accuracy – There is no other extraction software platform that can deliver this result.
  • The manual process of data entry is fully automated, end to end.
  • Confidential information can be anonymized.
  • Flexible ‘pay per transaction’ pricing model.
  • ‘Big data’ cleansing, mining, archiving, mapping and migrations preparation experts.
  • 3CEPS extracts data with unsurpassed speed and accuracy. There is nothing competitive like it on the market.
  • The only data solution that has a measurable, guaranteed and immediate cost justification; true cost reduction and reportable increased profitability.

If you’d like further information on how 3CEPS can transform your business contact me and I can arrange an introduction.

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