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Why Client Portals

Solitaire Consulting partner Vega Solutions, have produced a White Paper to explain why they think portals are so important for businesses today.

With many of us remote working, it is now more important than ever for businesses to use tools and technology to provide services to clients and staff wherever they are in the world. During the Coronavirus Pandemic we are all developing new ways of working all the time. Situations that only appeared on contingency plans are now an everyday way of working.

Once this crisis has passed and we return to more normal ways of working, the businesses who used this as an opportunity to develop new ways of serving their clients will be in a much better position than others. When clients get used to working with a business electronically, using browser based or mobile apps, will they want to return to the old ways? Probably not. They will also be looking for the service provider who give the best experience.

You may have already introduced some electronic ways of working to deal with the lack of face to face contact with clients, but how effective are they?

They may be sufficient for the next few months, but probably not in the longer term. How robust are these solutions? Do they provide a good firm foundation for the future? Have they been rushed out in a disjointed way to address the crisis?

Vega Solutions have been building secure web portals, largely for financial services businesses, for over 20 years. 

To find out why they believe client web portals are so important, click the image below to download the White Paper.

Let me know if you are interested in finding out how a Vega portal can help transform your business. I can discuss your requirements and put you in touch with Vega Solutions.

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