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Solitaire Consulting partners with Smarter Not Harder

Solitaire Consulting is delighted to announce its partnership with Smarter Not Harder (SNH), the UK based consultancy specialising in helping businesses be more productive.

Solitaire will be offering SNH’s SmartWorking programme to clients and project teams they work with. Most organisations acknowledge that their employees work hard but also know that being busy is different from being effective.

One of the biggest challenges we face when helping our clients deliver change is creating capacity. Change needs to come from within, and we often find staff too busy to devote time to business-critical projects. They are trying to implement change ‘off the side of their desk’ which inevitably takes longer and compromises success. Smarter Not Harder typically see organisations they work with gain an additional 15% productivity. This equates to an additional 3 people for every 20 employees.

If we can harness that additional time to focus on delivering improvements, just think how much more successful organisations can become?”

Paul Every, Founder and Principal Consultant, Solitaire Consulting Limited

Paul went on to say, “I have been through the programme myself and found the techniques simple and easy to implement. I am now much more focused and get to the end of the day having achieved everything I set out to”.

Companies looking to improve productivity can provide the best locations and the latest technology, but often people still turn up with the same old habits. This is why SNH focus entirely on changing those habits and mindsets.

SNH have worked with over 30,000 people in some of the worlds leading organisations, including Samsung, Dell, Visa and Honda, as well as some of Europe’s fastest growing small-medium sized enterprises.

We are delighted to be working with Paul and his team at Solitaire Consulting. We know that asking people to work harder is unsustainable and that increases in workload lead to increases in anxiety & stress.

Our proven methodology enables us to work in a fast and focused way with clients to locate and release the untapped productivity within their workforce. Productivity gains which are currently being left on the table are quickly identified and new ways of working swiftly introduced to prevent the unnecessary or accidental waste of people’s time and effort.

We are looking forward to working with Solitaire’s clients, to create capacity to help them deliver crucial projects and change.”

Simon Goodison, Founding Director, Smarter Not Harder

SNH have been driving organisations forward by delivering smarter and more efficient ways of working for over two decades. They unlock the full potential and untapped capacity of individuals & teams to create a high performing, thriving culture that delivers rapid and sustained increases in productivity, employee wellbeing and business performance.

Programmes typically include a half day facilitated workshop, delivered either remotely or face to face to groups of employees. This is followed up by one to one to one coaching sessions to help embed the techniques learned in the workshop.

SNH have built up a body of research that proves beyond any doubt that the 10 – 15% productivity capacity increase is real. Quite simply, companies who work with SNH have dramatically improved productivity and they have happier, healthier more engaged people.

If you would like to work smarter not harder to unlock an additional 15% capacity in your teams contact us today to and we will do the rest.

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