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Guide to Software for Trust Administration, Corporate Services and Alternative Funds

We are pleased to announce the highly anticipated release of Solitaire Consulting’s latest edition of the Guide to Software for the Trust Administration, Corporate Services, and Alternative Funds sector.

Originally published in 2021, this comprehensive resource has been revised and expanded to accurately encompass the full spectrum of available products.

With a compilation of over 60 distinct products from 50 renowned vendors, this extended guide offers a more reader-friendly format, allocating one system per page.

The guide showcases an impressive array of offerings from vendors such as enSynergy, PlainSail, TrustQuay Viewpoint, Vega Technology, and many others. Additionally, it highlights a plethora of FinTech and RegTech solutions from geographies across the globe.

Of noteworthy inclusion in this updated version are specialized systems catered specifically to alternative fund administration, as well as niche products geared towards entity management and corporate governance.

While its primary audience comprises businesses seeking to replace or enhance their existing platforms, it also serves as a valuable resource for anyone interested in staying abreast with the latest advancements in FinTech and RegTech.

To access the downloadable file, CLICK HERE , and proceed with filling out the webform. An email will be sent to you containing the pdf link, along with additional complementary resources on the topic of selecting IT systems.


If there are any products that we may have overlooked, please do not hesitate to inform us. Particularly if you are aware of any remarkable cloud-based software that others in the industry should be made aware of. Your valuable input will be greatly appreciated and incorporated into the forthcoming update of our guide to software for trust administration and corporate services.

I am confident that you will be kind enough to share your knowledge, rather than keeping the secret of amazing products all to yourself!

I hope you find the guide and additional material enjoyable, and as always, I would welcome your feedback.


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