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“IT”‘s Complicated

Are you frustrated by IT, and IT Support seems to be a growing list, or black hole of things that struggle to be resolved?

As businesses grow, so does the stack of applications, tools, processes and supporting infrastructure.  It’s not uncommon to hear IT teams and management saying they do not have enough resources or budget to get things done and the business users constantly saying it’s hard to get anything resolved to make things improve.

In order to solve problems in the business, more often than not, I see processes and workflow and even more systems built and put in place outside of the normal IT standards and controls. This solves the immediate problem and allows the business to create the immediate solution to the problem, but at a larger, long-term cost. Unmanaged, insecure, often unknowingly expensive shadow IT.

The results of this can be seen in most businesses, IT Infrastructure and applications which cannot be maintained due to:

  1. Availability of resource to proactively manage, patch and secure the applications and infrastructure.
  2. We can’t risk the system being off-line or it’s out of support.
  3. “Integrations” in the business which are not documented or understood, and likely not well architected to be robust and stable.
  4. These integrations lead to complexity, and knowledge of such complexity which, as years progress, is lost as people move into other roles or leave the business.

In order to move forward from this, it is essential to simplify the technology architecture, and ensure that automation can be embedded as part of that architecture.  Modern architectures and technologies allow automated patching, end user computing deployment, servicing, and improved security. All of which will allow existing IT operational teams more time in their day, to focus on the users and their requirements, while the “IT” takes care of itself.

At Solitaire Consulting, we can facilitate this transformation and have a wealth of experience modernising technology, and end user experience.  We will work with you to understand your starting point, and existing environment, and form a 3-to-5-year technology strategy, future state blueprint and transformation roadmaps.  

We can provide a “vCIO” (virtual Chief Information Officer) service which will take responsibility for this strategy and resulting transformation, whilst managing the change across your business, both technical and non-technical, whilst working with the senior leadership and board to ensure the transition is well understood and provides success.    

If this sounds familiar, contact us for an initial conversation of your current challenges

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