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TrustQuay Viewpoint Rebrands to Quantios

TrustQuay Viewpoint, a global SaaS provider to the Wealth, Trust and Corporate services (TCSP) industry rebrands to Quantios, as the business sets out its mission to lead digital transformation in the sector.

With a client base of over 600 international firms, Quantios strives to deliver product innovation in the SaaS space, as well as enhancing global customer service, and extending its capabilities across a broader geographic scope and into more diverse regulatory environments.

Quantios will be expanding its extensive industry knowledge and understanding of jurisdictional specifics to continually innovate and accelerate digital advancement to the sector.

The name ‘Quantios’ conveys modernity, precision, and intelligence, honouring the company’s 40-year legacy of expertise in the TCSP industry. Designed to resonate on a global scale, the new identity mirrors the company’s combined expansive reach and diverse clientele.


“The rebrand to Quantios marks a significant milestone in our mission to lead the industry on a path towards fully realising the potential of digitalisation, enabling our clients to extract maximum value from digital advancements. “We are dedicated to being the platform of choice that facilitates governance, operations, and investment globally.”

Guy Harrison continues:

‘Quantios is the leading global SaaS provider to the Wealth, Trust, and Corporate Services (TCSP) industry. As a market leader, Quantios is committed to leading the digital transformation within the sector. Their technology ensures seamless global compliance and streamlined administration, empowering clients to focus on expanding their operations without the complexities typically involved.

With 40 years of industry experience, Quantios deeply understands the diverse and complex needs of its customers. We use this expertise to deliver comprehensive SaaS solutions that ensure robust data governance and simplify regulatory compliance.

The company employs over 300 skilled professionals who are dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of our customers. To date, Quantios has partnered with over 600 organizations worldwide, helping them achieve higher efficiency, scale, and growth through digital transformation.’

Solitaire Consulting's view

Whilst this may just seem like another rebrand it is really important for the wider industry to have certainty about the future of the various product under the Quantios brand.

Before they rebranded to Quantios there has been a lot of confusion in the market about whether one or other of the former brands would come out stronger. What is clear is that both TrustQuay and Viewpoint were equally recognisable in the market so a rebrand was the only sensible direction.

In addition to the change of company name the product line up is also seeing a refresh and rebrand:


    • TrustQuay Online becomes Quantios Core for Trust & Corporate Services (or Quantios Core for short)

    • Viewpoint Connect becomes Quantios vPoint

    • Viewpoint Engage becomes Quantios Portal

The other products retain their names but are all prefixed with Quantios e.g. Quantios NavOne, Quantios 5Series and Quantios eFileConnect.

The name of Quantios Core for Trust and Corporate Services is interesting in two ways. Firstly it quite rightly puts the SaaS product front and centre of the Quantios offering but also implies that we could see Quantios Core for other industry segments in the future. Maybe a Quantios Core for Fund Administration perhaps?

Expect more to come over the coming weeks and months, particularly in terms of product alignment, new features and implementation approaches.

As an implementation and consulting partner of Quantios, Solitaire Consulting is looking forward to continuing to support its global customer base.

TCSP Software Guide

Today also sees a refresh of Solitaire Consulting’s ever-popular TCSP software guide, written by Paul Every. Now in its third year this version has been updated to reflect the launch of the Quantios brand.

In addition to the new Quantios pages there is an updated page for PlainSail, one of Quantios’ main competitors at the smaller end of the market; a new page for WealthSphere and updates to some of the eco-system partner pages.

Please get in touch if you’d like more information about Quantios or any of the other vendors featured in the guide.

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