If Your Only Tool is a Hammer, Every Problem Looks Like a Nail

Two nails, a wrench and a hammer

The concept known as the law of the instrument, otherwise known as the law of the hammer, Maslow’s hammer (or gavel), or the golden hammer, is a cognitive bias that involves an over-reliance on a familiar tool. As Abraham Maslow said in 1966, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is […]

Time. How do you Manage Yours?

Stopwatch with words time for a rethink

Whether you are a manager, business leader, self-employed or even retired, time is undoubtedly your most precious resource.  None of us know how much we are going to have, but on a day to day basis, time is the one thing we all have exactly the same amount of; some of us just choose to […]

Solitaire Consulting launches Non-Executive Management service

People shaking hands at a meeting

Solitaire Consulting has launched a new service to provide non-executive management services to new and existing clients in Jersey and overseas. A non-executive manager (NEM) provides operational advice and guidance on an ongoing, but part time or ad-hoc basis.  Unlike the non-executive director (NED), who works at board level and forms part of a firm’s […]

Outsourcing – opportunity or threat?

This article will examine the case for outsourcing in the specific context of smaller markets such as the International Financial Centres (IFCs) in the Channel Islands, Switzerland and Caribbean.  These centres are characterised by a high cost of doing business, limited pools of skilled labour, restrictive employment legislation and a stringent regulatory environment.  All these […]

NEWS: Jobstream Group announces partnership with BDO Solutions in Mauritius

Over the last few months I have been working with one of my clients, Jobstream Group, to develop a partnership in Mauritius.  Jobstream Group are a UK based software company specialising in the offshore financial services sector, particularly trust administration and corporate services providers. I recognised an opportunity for Jobstream in Mauritius and over the last 6 months […]

Embedding change following a systems implementation project

If you have been following my blog series on managing technology and systems change you will have read about the importance of considering the change process both before and during a systems implementation or upgrade project.  Unfortunately, that was just the easy bit! Implementing a new piece of technology is relatively easy, yes it can […]

The Changing Times – realising value creation

For the March edition of  ‘the changing times’, the bi-monthly newsletter from my consultancy network The Lamberhurst Corporation, click here. The focus on this edition is ‘realising value creation’ with articles which include:- Mergers and Acquisitions – finding the right deal Outsourcing Case Studies Consultant Profiles