Stakeholder Management using the Power Interest Matrix

Project stakeholders

Stakeholder Management is one of the core skills that every Project Manager or Change Manager needs to master. However, in my experience it is something that is often done badly or even ignored completely. In this blog, I will present the Power Interest Matrix as one of the tools I use to help manage project […]

New Product: Triyo project collaboration software

According to the Gallup 2017 Digital Workplace Survey, 31% of senior executives state their biggest workplace challenge is the lack of “Cross-Departmental Collaboration”. The same survey reported that 33% of executives stated their biggest digital priority was “Enterprise Social / Real-Time Collaboration”. My experience working with organisations of different sizes is that enterprise wide collaboration […]

Now That the Fog is Clearing on GDPR, it’s Time to Speed Things up

EU flags

This is a guest post by Solitaire Associate, Robert Toogood and first appeared on his website, When did you first hear about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation and the need to comply with it by May 2018? Was it recently or possibly many months ago, when the legislation was formally adopted by the […]

When do you Celebrate Project Success?

Bottles of Champagne in a trophy

One of the technology projects I’m currently managing is nearing ‘go-live’ and I’m working with the client team to complete user acceptance testing and get the inevitable test issues resolved. This project has been a bit of a hard slog and the project team is feeling a bit demoralised and just want to go back to […]

What Could you do with a 40% Increase in Efficiency?

Arrows in the middle of a target

Solitaire Consulting is delighted to have been asked, once again, by Manx Business Solutions to speak at one of their technology seminars.  This time the event is being held at the Sefton Hotel, in the Isle of Man on Thursday 19th March 2015. Following their recent award for technology solutions that enabled clients achieve a 40% increase in […]

Are you Responsible or Accountable?

Two people working on laptops together

I was discussing the question of responsibility and accountability with one of my clients recently and they were having difficulty distinguishing the two.  This was one of the contributory factors why many of the strategies and projects they initiated failed to achieve the outcomes expected.   So what is the difference between being responsible for something […]

New Year, New Office in New Street & New Opportunities

Here we are at the end of another busy year, which I hope has been as successful for you as it has been for me.  Despite the difficult trading conditions, particularly at the beginning of 2012 the year has turned out very well overall. I am now looking forward to another exciting year with lots […]

A New Year, a new project

As a project manager I just love starting a new project; I have a blank page and can start creating my own framework for management and reporting (obviously within the client’s methodology 🙂 ), planning the project, building the team etc.  The issues log is blank and everyone is excited about the almost endless possibilities […]

Projects, Programmes and Portfolios

The terms project, programme and portfolio are often used inconsistently with different organisations having contradictory interpretations of their meaning. This can lead to confusion both within the project management profession and with others in an organisation.  Here I provide my view of these project management terms which will hopefully provide some clarity of definition that […]