Solitaire Consulting Partner – Calligo

Calligo offers the highest levels of data protection and privacy with data residency guarantees. Through its global CalligoCloud® Network located in the leading offshore jurisdictions around the world it is able to offer a range of cloud services, delivered to consistent operational and contractual standards, that are backed by unrivalled levels of data security.

Solitaire Consulting acts as referral partners of Calligo and work with potential clients to understand the value of cloud services and the benefits Calligo can bring to offshore businesses.

Calligo the trusted cloud

Delivering a highly efficient range of cloud services to organisations of any size, empowering our clients whether offshore or onshore to take advantage of the benefits cloud-computing offers. Calligo provides an unrivalled level of security with ISO 9001 & 27001 certifications across all cloud services, 100% data encryption and guaranteed data residency within each of the jurisdictions. Calligo is also uniquely able to guarantee performance across all applications and services running within any of our service offerings.

Co-founded by Julian Box and Andrew Wicks in January 2012 with investment from Ti123, a venture capital firm specialising in seed and early stage investment, Calligo’s team is credited with bringing virtualisation and cloud computing to the offshore community. With our growing team of forward-thinking technical experts, we have over 80 man-years of practical experience delivering and running cloud services. Each service we provide is aligned with our clients’ data and business processes to deliver the benefits of cloud based services, whilst adhering to local data residency and jurisdictional regulations. We offer considered and impartial advice to our clients in the selection of cloud based services, ensuring they have the optimum combination of products tailored to their own business needs. Our clients range from small businesses to large enterprises, all with the need for sophisticated IT capabilities. We work closely with each of our clients to understand their commercial opportunities, business process changes that are needed, security and compliance implications, as well as technology requirements. Along with our focus on customer service through our managed services Calligo delivers a cloud service unrivalled in the offshore market.