Solitaire Consulting Partner – Vega Solutions Limited

Based in Berkshire, within easy reach of the Channel Islands and the City.  Since incorporation in 1994 Vega Solutions have developed long-standing relationships with a number of companies and financial institutions.  Vega work in partnership with their clients to deliver robust, innovative solutions which help them run their business.

Vega Solutions specialise in web portals and bespoke software development.  They work on all kinds of projects – big and small. From building a database to replace a number of Excel spreadsheets to creating a full online banking system with STP and SWIFT integration.  Their unique in-house development platform – Sirius – enables them to build rapid, low-risk solutions with minimal fuss.

Solitaire Consulting supports Vega with business and product development of the Sirius Wealth Management Portal, an internet portal designed specifically for wealth management firms to provide secure online access for their private and corporate clients.

Give your clients secure access to their data

Vega Solutions have many years’ experience developing secure web portals for customers in the financial services industry.  The Sirius Wealth Management Portal includes all the features your clients need to manage their day to day interactions with you, from viewing their asset values and trust documents to making payment requests and sending/receiving secure messages.Sirius Secure Internet Shell


The Sirius Secure Internet Shell is a secure web based front end, onto which other applications can be built, including the Wealth Management Portal.  It enables users to log into multiple applications using a single domain.

It includes the following modules:

  • Administration – handles the setting up and configuring of users, providing a completely role based system;
  • Reports – strong reporting tool which enables the user to extract data and produce reports on the applications attached to Sirius;
  • Reports administration – gives the user the ability to write reports and control access to those reports;
  • Scheduler administration – allows the client to set scheduled tasks to run automatically at a specified time
  • Compliance and Disclosures management systems to facilitate regulatory reporting.  This includes for example risk analysis, conflict logging, insiders registers, monitoring of holdings and of interests.

Each user may have either, a password to log on, or be associated with a domain log on. Once logged on they have their own view of applications on the system, and their own access level within those applications. The screen below shows a typical user menu which will be displayed to the user logged on. The options available will depend on the application permissions which have been granted to that user.