Non-Executive Management Services


A non-executive manager, or NEM, is someone who works with your management team to help manage your business on a part-time or ad-hoc basis.   Most companies will employ the services of a non-executive director (NED), to ensure good corporate governance.

The duties of the NED are usually restricted to board meetings and acting as an advisor to the CEO or Managing Director.  To maintain their independence, NEDs don’t tend to get involved in the operation of the business itself.

This is the fundamental  difference between a NED and a Solitaire Consulting NEM;  our NEM is still independent but will be more involved in your business and will provide coaching to your management team, as well as delivering specific objectives, agreed in advance.

The typical route to engagement of one of our NEMs normally follows a successful assignment to manage a project or change programme, where the consultant is retained on an on-going basis.  However, it is becoming more common to engage a NEM for specific services independently of a project.

Services that can be provided by a Solitaire Consulting NEM include:

  • Mentor for managers and senior staff

  • Project assurance and governance

  • Project portfolio management

  • Independent facilitation of  workshops and strategy sessions

  • Oversight of an operational department, to support a junior or inexperienced manager

  • Act as a ‘critical friend’ to management

  • Independent panel member for recruitment and selection of senior staff

  • Risk management

  • Digital strategy advice 

  • Target operating model advice

A NEM maybe contracted for a fixed or variable number of days per month, or be kept on a small retainer to be available to provide ad-hoc advice and guidance as and when needed by the client.

Here’s what one of our clients has to say about Solitaire Consulting’s engagement with them:

“I have found Paul Every of Solitaire Consulting to be one of a rare breed of consultant; someone who integrates himself so seamlessly into your organisation that you quickly see him as part of the team rather than a hired gun.  His friendly disposition belies a steely resolve to tackle the proverbial elephants in the room, and he is as passionate about improving our business operations as we are.  I have appreciated his straightforward approach and complete lack of ‘consultant speak’, and the manner in which he has been able to engage with staff and management alike.” Mark Kemp, Partner, Spoor & Fisher South Africa

If you would like to understand how your business can benefit from a NEM, then contact us for a free initial consultation.