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iPad, iOS6, WiFi… and is Apple really a great company?

I purchased my first Apple device, a 3rd generation iPad, back in April and have been enormously impressed with it… until this week.

Up to now it just works; such a refreshing change from dealing with Windows devices. However, the upgrade to iOS6 has been causing me real pain. The WiFi starting behaving erratically and then I couldn’t connect to the iTunes Store for updating or downloading Apps. I initially thought it was my home network (which is quite complex and has been troublesome in the past). After spending hours reconfiguring routers and updating firmware etc all to no avail, I just had to leave it and go and do something more productive.

My suspicion that it was my erstwhile reliable iPad that was at fault came after failing to connect to saved WiFi networks at two of my clients this week. A quick google search revealed that I am not alone and the Apple site alone has a 100+ page thread about the problems. This started to sound all too familiar and very Microsoft like!

Anyway after several different changed settings and failed attempts to reset everything the following simple changes have worked for me:

– In >Settings>General>Date & Time, update the date / time settings, turning off 24hr clock and automatic updates

– In >Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services, turn off Genius for Apps

Now all is working again and I am a happy(ish) Apple customer.

I used to think Apple was different, maybe even a ‘great’ company, but it’s clear that its over reliance on a great charismatic leader is at risk of toppling it from its position as the worlds favourite brand.

Great company’s are built around more than one person. It has been proven time and again that the most successful companies in the long term are those that are bigger than their leaders – in fact in many great companies we won’t even know who the CEO is!

Steve Jobs was a great man, but has he built a great company? In my view the jury is still out on this and only time will tell.

Now, do I replace my unreliable Blackberry with an iPhone5?

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