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It’s all about change

Welcome to my new blog! It’s the same me with the same thoughts and hopefully even better content to come.

I’ve taken the decision to move off my WordPress.com blog under the www.paulevery.com domain and integrate with my main company website. It was becoming confusing trying to maintain the two different web presences.

Over the coming weeks I will be rebranding my website and blog to a consistent look and feel.

Please feel free to comment and provide feedback. In the meantime please be patient while I make the changes and may not have time to post too much new content.

About Paul Every

About Paul Every

I specialise in 'technology enabled change'; helping clients in offshore financial services and related sectors, obtain greater value from their investments in technology.

My clients choose to work with me because I am a pragmatist; I recommend and deliver solutions that can be easily implemented. You also get what you see - I will define what you need and it will be me who is on site helping you deliver your change.

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