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Calling all users and developers of Trust and Corporate Services software

I need your help. Please.

I’m writing a 2021 guide to software for Trust Companies and Corporate Services Providers. I have a wide knowledge of the market, and have worked with many of the different software packages. However, there are still some providers I am not familiar with and there are probably software systems out there that I’ve not yet heard of.

Software Developers

If you are a developer of software that is used by Trust Companies or Corporate Services Providers, then I would be grateful if you could get in touch and provide me with information on your products.

I will include your company details in my guide with contact information and a summary of key features of relevant products. It would be helpful to include what types of business are most suited to your software.

Where I have knowledge of the systems I will add my own comments on suitability.

Use the ‘Get in touch’ menu at the top of this page, or contact me via social media or email to provide me with your software details.

Software Users

If you are working in a trust company or corporate services provider and would like to share any insights or views on the software your company uses or the software development company, then I’d love to hear from you.

I will use this information to support my own views and those from other sources. I won’t be referencing any individuals or their companies in the Guide.

To provide your feedback please use the ‘Get in touch’ menu at the top of this page, or contact me via social media or email.

As a ‘thank you’, anyone who provides information will be given a draft copy of the guide before it is published on my website.

The closing date for feedback is Friday 18th December 2020.

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