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White Paper - Trust Software Guide

Software Guide for Trust & Corporate Services Providers

Today, Solitaire Consulting launches a new White Paper, focused on the technology market serving international Trust & Corporate Services Providers. The White Paper is written by Paul Every, owner and principal consultant of Solitaire Consulting.

This comprehensive document features over 20 core systems from TrustQuay to Viewpoint and Aviita to Wealtheeze. Systems are grouped by vendor into sections covering Market Leaders, Challengers and Niche Products.

Also included is a section on some of the supporting, or eco-system, products that integrate with the core systems, providing additional value and efficiency. Many of these products also support other industries so there is likely to be relevance outside the trust and corporate services market.

Included in this Eco-System Products section are systems from vendors including 3CEPS, Centenal, BankClarity, MBS and Vega Solutions.

Click on the picture below to download your free copy today.

Download link showing picture of the White Paper Software Guide for Trust & Corporate Services Providers

Most of the vendors and systems included in this guide are known to Solitaire Consulting. Their consultants have either implemented, replaced or upgraded them over the past decade.

Paul Every has been advising technology companies and providers of Trust Administration & Corporate Services for over a decade. During this time he has developed an extensive knowledge of the technology systems and vendors that support this important and growing area of international financial services.

In stating his reasons for producing the White Paper, Paul stated, “The Trust & Corporate Services software market has shifted rapidly in the last few years, both with consolidations and a number of new systems emerging. It is important that wealth managers are aware of the choices they have available, but there was no single place to get this information. Hopefully this Software Guide will meet that need.”

If you would like further information on any of the systems mentioned in the White Paper, please get in touch by using the contact form on our website, email or through our social media channels. We are also available to help with advising and implementing all aspects of your digital transformation and digitalisation agendas.

The inclusion of a system in this guide does not imply any endorsement or recommendation by Solitaire Consulting. Conversely, any system / vendor omitted from the guide will only be because we are not (yet) aware of its existence or have not worked with it before.

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