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Top 3 tips for working during the summer

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Holiday time is not just about relaxation, it also gives us the opportunity to reflect and gain a fresh perspective on our personal and professional lives. As professionals in the northern hemisphere, we are well aware of the slight decrease in activity that occurs from the 3rd week of July to the 1st week of […]

Change Management Tools: The House of Change

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This article comes from Solitaire Consulting Associate, Tim Rogers MBA There are lots of models for change management that have developed over many years. Not all will work in all situations so it is essential to have several tools in your toolbox and select the right one for the right situation. The House of Change […]

Top 5 buying factors for Enterprise Software


Whatever size business you are, selecting the right enterprise software is a big decision that you want to get right. Your choice of core system is one that will impact your business for many years to come.

5 Fundamentals for a successful project

Project management plan

I am often asked about what makes a successful project, so I have put together these 5 fundamentals, which are, in my opinion, the most important aspects to managing business projects. I can’t guarantee your project will be a success, but I can definitely guarantee it won’t be if you don’t have these basics in […]

NEWS: new associates and new office

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New Associates We now have access to a number of associate consultants who bring a wealth of experience from their different backgrounds. This provides Solitaire Consulting with the opportunity to take on much larger projects or to be more flexible with the work we undertake for our clients. Specific experience that is now available includes: […]

How Safe is Your Data?

With cyber security hitting the headlines almost daily, many organisations are rightly concerned about the vulnerability of their data and are devoting serious time and resources to protecting this vital business asset. Traditional security methods have focused on improving the boundary defences of the organisation; aiming to prevent undesirable penetration of the network and to […]

Is Your Business Ready for the New Professional?

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Change is happening within our businesses.  We know it has been going on for some time, but it can be difficult to pin down. Technology is always changing but this time it is different.  Professionals are getting fed up with some of the tools and processes being made available to them.  Instead of complaining they […]

Event: Digital Transformation Accelerated

Supported by Solitaire Consulting, MBS are hosting Laserfiche workshops in the Channel Islands where you’ll see how this Document and Business Process Management platform can accelerate your organisation’s Digital Transformation through: streamlining of laborious processes using Workflow and Forms; simple yet powerful integration using the Laserfiche Connector; and closing the digital loop by incorporating Digital Signatures […]

When do you Celebrate Project Success?

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One of the technology projects I’m currently managing is nearing ‘go-live’ and I’m working with the client team to complete user acceptance testing and get the inevitable test issues resolved. This project has been a bit of a hard slog and the project team is feeling a bit demoralised and just want to go back to […]

Time. How do you Manage Yours?

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Whether you are a manager, business leader, self-employed or even retired, time is undoubtedly your most precious resource.  None of us know how much we are going to have, but on a day to day basis, time is the one thing we all have exactly the same amount of; some of us just choose to […]