Christmas Greetings from Solitaire Consulting

It has been an active year for Solitaire Consulting and we’ve been lucky to work with some fantastic people. In addition to our core work of helping clients deliver change, our focus this year has been on collaboration and partnerships.  The successful partnerships with MBS Business Solutions and Jobstream Group are delivering value to our clients, based on our […]

SWOT Analysis

Strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats table on a chalkboard

I am still surprised at how many people haven’t come across SWOT analysis. SWOT was originated by Albert Humphrey in the 1960’s and was one of the first tools I learnt to use when I was developing my skills as a young manager (not in the 60’s I hasten to add!). It is as useful […]

LinkedIn & Twitter Combine to Make a Great Team (via Mr LinkedIn’s Blog)

I too have been struggling with the relevance of Twitter and find these tips really useful. Hold your horses! This isn't a news flash from Silicon Valley, just my observations from a recent social media experiment that I undertook which I think shows the strengths of both social tools and how they can compliment each […]

15 Ways To Promote Your Business

15 promotional ideas to build your business and brand. Take a look to see how these will fit in your marketing plan via 15 Ways To Promote Your Business.