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Five WealthTech Predictions for 2020

Phone showing bitcoin with a blurred laptop in the background

WealthTech is the application of technology to support the wealth management industry. It can be considered as being part of the much broader umbrella term of FinTech. In the context of this article I am considering WealthTech specifically as it relates to the offshore wealth management sector. This includes trust and fund administration companies and […]

Review: CRS Audit Assessment Event

Zac Lucas, Paul Every, Alan Rowe

In this post I am reviewing a recent event on CRS Audit Assessment, held in Guernsey to mark the launch of the partnership between Centenal Legal Technology and Fusion Systems. A relationship that has been established following my introduction of these two technology companies Guernsey and Singapore. The main purpose of the event was to […]

Preparing for CRS Audit Assessment

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Best practice guidance on how to conduct an internal CRS audit It should come as no surprise that the tax authorities will, at some point, start to audit Financial Institutions to ensure they have effectively implemented the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) regulations. The authorities in the Crown Dependencies have committed to do this, although looking […]