Cyber Security Awareness Training

Posted on 11/06/2017 · Posted in Transformational change

Protecting your company’s intellectual property and information assets are key responsibilities of the Board of Directors.  Cyber Security is not.. read more

Software Costs Estimation In Agile Project Management

Posted on 25/05/2017 · Posted in Transformational change

Editor’s Note I am often asked by client’s to manage software development projects. One of the aspects that most bothers.. read more

NEWS: new associates and new office

Posted on 18/04/2017 · Posted in Change, Projects, Transformational change

New Associates We now have access to a number of associate consultants who bring a wealth of experience from their.. read more

Ensuring your people keep up with the technology

Posted on 09/04/2017 · Posted in Technology, Transformational change

One of the biggest challenges I see in business today, is not the implementation of technology, but the way that.. read more

You Need a Hero: The Project Manager

Posted on 23/02/2017 · Posted in Projects, Technology

This article was written by ETHAN JAMES, a freelance software engineer at TOPTAL. Editors note:  Whilst this has been written from the.. read more

Now that the fog is clearing on GDPR, it’s time to speed things up

Posted on 20/02/2017 · Posted in Projects, Strategy, Transformational change

This is a guest post by Solitaire Associate, Robert Toogood and first appeared on his website, When did you first.. read more

How safe is your data?

With cyber security hitting the headlines almost daily, many organisations are rightly concerned about the vulnerability of their data and.. read more

End of year message

Posted on 21/12/2016 · Posted in Communication

2016 has been another successful year at Solitaire Consulting and has also marked my 10th year in business.  I’ve had the privilege.. read more

Solitaire Consulting Free EBook

Free eBook – 12 Successful Business Improvement Techniques

Posted on 03/12/2016 · Posted in Transformational change

Click on the image below to get instant access to my free eBook. The purpose of this eBook is to bring together the.. read more

Is your business ready for the New Professional?

Change is happening within our businesses.  We know it has been going on for some time, but it can be.. read more