Change Management Tools: The House of Change

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This article comes from Solitaire Consulting Associate, Tim Rogers MBA There are lots of models for change management that have developed over many years. Not all will work in all situations so it is essential to have several tools in your toolbox and select the right one for the right situation. The House of Change […]

Is “thinking outside the box” always better?

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(Image credit: This article comes from Solitaire Consulting Senior Consultant, Corrado Anderson MBA. As a 30 year veteran of the technology and change management worlds, I have developed a healthy dose of cynicism when faced with revolutionary ideas or panaceas, doubly so if not supported by evidence.  A frequently misattributed quote states that if […]

TrustQuay launches new portal to help firms digitalise their client engagement

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TrustQuay has today announced the launch of TrustQuay Portal which will allow clients of corporate services and trust administrators access to their information anywhere, anytime and on any device. At present, the corporate services, trust and fund administration sector lags far behind other industries in terms of digitalisation, with clients currently unable to readily access […]

Accelerating digital innovation in wealth management

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The recent publication of the Future Focus report by financial software business, TrustQuay, highlights a number of areas where the trust and corporate services industry needs to innovate. In this article I will look into this report in more detail and comment on their findings. (A summary of the report can be found in my […]

ERP Systems: are they still relevant?

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a term used to describe software systems that an organization can use to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from across all or many of its business activities. I first came across ERP over 20 years ago when working for Government (I was Programme Manager for the States of Jersey […]

Stakeholder Management using the Power Interest Matrix

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Stakeholder Management is one of the core skills that every Project Manager or Change Manager needs to master. However, in my experience it is something that is often done badly or even ignored completely. In this blog, I will present the Power Interest Matrix as one of the tools I use to help manage project […]

TrustQuay: the new name of Microgen and Touchstone

Microgen + Touchstone = TrustQuay

Following the merger of Microgen and Touchstone, the combined business has announced its new name and brand as TrustQuay The announcement was made in a press release on Monday 1st June 2020. TrustQuay has become the leading provider of technology to the trust and corporate services market, serving more than 450 clients and 15,000 users […]

Why Electronic Signatures should be the norm

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In a world where so much is now digital are you still relying on ‘wet ink’ signatures? Whether you need to get signatures from clients, or you have internal processes requiring a signature, there are likely to be many benefits of going digital. Writing this article in April 2020, the majority of your colleagues and […]

Technology tips to help manage your remote working teams

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Over the last couple of weeks nearly all of us have adapted our ways of working. I’m not going to pretend to know exactly what to do right now or have all the answers. Any one who does is either lying or deluded! What we can do is apply the lessons of what worked in […]

The impact of the Coronavirus crisis on Meaning and Purpose

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Written by Tim Rogers, Associate Consultant Solitaire Consulting Ltd We are very often defined by what we do. We do not say he or she does accountancy we say they are an accountant. We even define ourselves by what we do. We would not say I do triathlon, but we might say I am a […]