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Guide to Software for Trust Administration, Corporate Services and Alternative Funds


We are pleased to announce the highly anticipated release of Solitaire Consulting’s latest edition of the Guide to Software for the Trust Administration, Corporate Services, and Alternative Funds sector. Originally published in 2021, this comprehensive resource has been revised and expanded to accurately encompass the full spectrum of available products. With a compilation of over […]

Building Bridges, Not Silos: The Power of the Solitaire Community


The independent spirit thrives in the local tech industry. Freelancer project managers, business analysts, and virtual CTOs bring a wealth of expertise and flexibility to the table. But navigating the solo path can also come with challenges. Finding reliable collaborators, staying on top of industry trends, and building a strong support network can be tough […]

The Imperative of System Health Checks: A Case for Optimizing IT Investments


In the digital age, the success of a business will often be dependent on the robustness of its core business systems. Regular system health checks are not just a maintenance routine; they are a strategic necessity. Paul Every, the founder and CEO of Solitaire Consulting, champions this practice as a means to ensure that firms […]

Is your tech stack giving you more grey hair than coffee?


Is your company struggling with outdated technology that hinders innovation and increases costs? You’re not alone. Many businesses are burdened by legacy systems that no longer meet their evolving needs. Understand the challenges of managing a complex tech stack Recognising this prevalent issue, Solitaire Consulting aims to shed light on the complexities of managing outdated […]

Verify by Tiller Meets PlainSail: A Tax-Incentivised Integration

PlainSail, the Jersey based provider of trust and corporate services administration software has announced its integration with Verify by Tiller, an electronic identity verification (eIDV) tool. In this article I am going to dive deeper into this integration, exploring additional aspects and implications for the trust and corporate services industry. For Jersey based businesses I […]

How to avoid data migration headaches 


Data Migration is one of the riskiest and most time consuming elements of most of the system implementation projects we get involved in.  But what is Data Migration and why is it so difficult?    In simple terms Data Migration is the process of transferring data from one system to another, typically as part of system […]

Testing from the front lines: myths and reality


My colleague Paul Every’s blog on the impact of delayed decisions has got me thinking about the entire cradle-to-grave journey of implementing systems.  The decision to implement a new system is often the beginning of the journey, rather than the end.  It seems to me that, in common with the typical ending of Hollywood films, […]

Leveraging AI for professional services firms: The benefits of a virtual CIO


In the dynamic landscape of modern business operations, businesses face a myriad of challenges in navigating regulatory compliance, client management, and technological advancements. Amidst this complexity, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents an unparalleled opportunity for these businesses to streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and fortify their competitive edge in an evolving market.   At […]

Managing risk is everyone’s responsibility


For all of our vCOO engagements, in one way or another, there has been one constant thread: a desire, by our clients to address operational and enterprise risk.  For many of our clients, the management of their risks has been something that has been left to client-facing or compliance colleagues to manage “off the edge […]

Simplifying your work tools to improve productivity


With time and accumulated experience, we’ve observed the benefits of standardization in our approach, especially in terms of efficiency, productivity and consistency. What are the ‘tools’ you can use to simplify your life during a project and work management?  Whether you are using Excel, many of the cloud-based productivity apps, or struggling with Microsoft Project, […]