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Guide to Software for Trust Administration, Corporate Services and Alternative Funds

We are pleased to announce the highly anticipated release of Solitaire Consulting’s latest edition of the Guide to Software for the Trust Administration, Corporate Services, and Alternative Funds sector. Originally published in 2021, this comprehensive resource has been revised and expanded to accurately encompass the full spectrum of available products. With a compilation of over […]

Making Things Happen! – reflections on “virtual” COO service


The month of December marked 11 months since the launch of Solitaire’s “virtual” COO service (Virtual Chief Operating Officer)– a service aimed at providing businesses (and business leaders) with an experienced and proven, senior operational resource on a part-time flexible basis.  Of course, there is nothing “virtual” about the service – it is very real, […]

“IT”‘s Complicated


Are you frustrated by IT, and IT Support seems to be a growing list, or black hole of things that struggle to be resolved? As businesses grow, so does the stack of applications, tools, processes and supporting infrastructure.  It’s not uncommon to hear IT teams and management saying they do not have enough resources or […]

Solitaire Consulting welcomes Andy Jarvis as Senior Consultant


Solitaire Consulting is delighted to announce that Andy Jarvis has joined as a Senior Consultant. Andy joins the business having worked in technology leadership and consulting roles globally, across financial services, telecoms, engineering and the services sector. He brings with him over 20 years’ experience in Technology and Operational leadership at C-suite level, having led […]

TrustQuay Viewpoint Forum 2023

TrustQuay Viewpoint Forum 2023

A review of the inaugural combined TrustQuay and Viewpoint event, in London on 12 October 2023. Following last year’s TrustQuay Forum, this year’s event was heralded as being bigger and better. Not least because it was open to the Viewpoint customer base. This follows the merger of the two market leaders in software for the […]

Top productivity tools our clients are using

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Today, I will delve further into this topic by exploring some of the productivity tools used by our clients, including cutting-edge FinTech and RegTech products. While they may not align directly with your business, the underlying principles undoubtedly cross industries, providing you with inspiration on how to streamline and enhance your own business operations. Microsoft […]

Productivity tools to improve efficiency and enhance customer service

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In this article I’m going to start by exploring some of the productivity tools we utilize in our business and how they contribute to enhancing productivity and overall customer experience. Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams is not just a virtual meeting tool; it is a comprehensive collaboration platform within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. It offers a […]

Top 3 tips for working during the summer

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Holiday time is not just about relaxation, it also gives us the opportunity to reflect and gain a fresh perspective on our personal and professional lives. As professionals in the northern hemisphere, we are well aware of the slight decrease in activity that occurs from the 3rd week of July to the 1st week of […]

Clausematch partners with Solitaire Consulting

Solitaire Consulting is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement with Clausematch, a technology company developing solutions for regulatory compliance. The agreement with Solitaire Consulting helps broaden the reach and application of the compliance solution. Clausematch is an award-winning regulatory technology company developing solutions for regulators and regulatory compliance. The cutting-edge Clausematch platform brings […]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Data Management

Businesses thrive or die by the quality of their data. In this article I will describe three examples of good, bad and ugly approaches to data management, with some lessons learnt at the end.  These have all come up in the course of our work, but I have made some changes to protect against identification […]